The final summary 

This post might be a repeat of many previous things I have written. 

When I booked this trip I had an underlying goal of seeing more of the world. I like my home comforts but have been fortunate to experience some cool places out there. My close friends are at a point in life where money is being saved for houses, weddings or just general enjoyment and to ask people to fork out a few thousand pounds to join me on a trip was never going to work.

I did a bit of googling about solo travel and it was hard to find any negative views or opinions but it’s hard not to be skeptical deep down. You have no safety net and if you hate it then you are by yourself. Despite all this I decided to book it via STA travel in Reading and throw myself in the deep end. I needed a break… I’d put so much into work over the past few years and went above and beyond so many times I was feeling fatigued and demotivated (honesty here). A break was needed…

I was pretty nervous leading up to the trip and had no idea what I needed to take and what South America was like as a place. Throw in the 3-4 day trek in a tent and that made it more complicated. As mentioned in a previous post I was excited to go but when I got on my second plane to Lima, Peru, it started to hit me and I got nervous and apprehensive. 

Reflecting back, this was the best decision I’ve ever made. I know you hear that a lot and people over use that phrase but this is genuinely the best thing I’ve done. It taught me a lot personally and you meet new and interesting people outside your “bubble” who are at similar points in their lives. G Adventures had many tours running at the same time and we got speaking to other groups. The amount of people, particularly girls, who travel solo was incredible and it made me realise this was a lot more common than I thought. In fact I have enjoyed myself so, so much I’d be torn between travelling with mates again and going alone. Having no comfort blanket is good because you are forced to meet new people and experience new things. 

I’m now an hour away from London on my final flight. The last 24 hours has been a mix of emotions and there will be a lot more post holiday depression to come but I made the absolute right decision. I’ll slot back into my normal routine but I have a huge number of photos, videos, mementoes and blog posts to look back on and remind me that there’s a big world out there and one of the best things you can do is explore it. When I retire I want to have a huge number of experiences I can share with people. The world won’t be here forever, let’s be honest, and there’s so many incredible things and beautiful places to see. I’ve been pretty humbled on this trip. 

So, what about the future? Well I’m going to look into trips to Africa, Asia or the East coast of South America. If I can afford it maybe I’ll look into Canada or Aus/Nz. I’ve got the taste for this now and I want to see more and more.

Hopefully you enjoyed the blogs. I have no idea how to write them or make them interesting so I went for a narrative and tried to tell the story from my perspective. I’d recommend blogging to anyone… it’s bit of pain doing it daily but when you do so much you naturally forget things and after all these are the memories you pay for! 

Until next time…


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