The final night out… its come around quickly!

It’s Wednesday evening (7th December) and our final night out because some people, including myself, have to leave on the Friday. We go for our final meal in Puno at a small local restaurant. After a number of beers, wine and sangria we decide to go to a local karaoke bar. Elard (our CEO) had never been there before so had no idea what it would be like. This karaoke place was pretty small… had a complete mix of songs but the drinks were really cheap! A double jack Daniels and coke cost S./15 which is about £5. In the U.K. you would easily be looking at £10+ outside of London. There was a bottle of absolute vodka for S./90 which is about £35… so obviously I bought one. 
Our group got stuck in and we requested songs like Angels – Robbie Williams, Stand by Me, Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds, Grease – Summer Nights and Iris – Goo Goo Dolls. There were locals in this karaoke bar too and they sang local songs or Spanish ones. It was fair to say when our songs came on we absolutely took over the place. Even to the point all the locals would join in with us singing.

One of the lads in our group was a ridiculously good singer and I couldn’t quite believe how good he was at singing! It was a really, really fun night and summed up exactly what our group was about… we had gelled so well and become a close knit family. I’m sure loads of people say that but you have to see it to understand. In 3 weeks it’s impressive how close we came and we’ve made new friends from around the globe. So that it’s… the end of the alcohol fuelled nights out. Pretty depressing to be honest! I’ve had some of the best nights out in my life with this lot and for it to end so soon sucks…

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