On the road again… to Puno

Time to move city. We’re all used to this packing up and moving malarkey but I think most of us had quite an affection for Cusco so it’s a real shame to leave it behind.
We set off for the bus station at 7am. This would be fine usually but I had no sleep due to the night out. Got back to our hotel at 5.30am which was pretty grim. 

Our bus trip to Puno takes 7 hours… it wasn’t an overnight bus but again it’s pretty bad when you are crammed on for a long period of time! The only upside is this bus had a lot of up to date movies in English so we could watch these to pass the time.

After arriving in Puno we had a quick tour of the city which was cool. It’s a nice place but we were told it’s a bit more dangerous for tourists so we all stuck together closely and watched out for eachother. After some food at a local restaurant we all went back to the hotel because we were so tired. An early night before a busy next day visiting Lake Titikaka, the floating islands and then our home stay. 

It was good to get a full 8 hours of sleep!

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