La Paz… the final destination… 

The tour is Lima to La Paz so we eventually had to arrive in La Paz. Although it was a journey from 7am until 4pm so another long day! We would be crossing the Bolivian border and I have never done an in country border crossing before. Only at airports in Europe or the US where security is pretty tight! 
After a really long coach journey we reach the border. In fairness it did not look like a stereotypical border at all… it was a hill, with an archway at the top and a sign welcoming you to Bolivia. After the mandatory passport checks and immigration forms we were let through. Bolivia was different to Peru. There was just a different sense.

There was one interesting part to an otherwise boring day… we had to cross a small river… on a wooden boat. And our coach had to cross on a tug boat which literally looked like a floating piece of wood. I would never see this in the UK. I asked one of the guides if coaches have ever sunk in the water and they didn’t know but with this type of transport it’s hard to believe it has never happened! Glad I took all my valuables with me.

Our coach made it, thankfully, and now we have another 3 hour bus journey to La Paz.

La Paz is one of the highest capital cities in the world… in terms of altitude. When we arrived it looked like a giant city built into a hole in the ground surrounded by hills. It wasn’t the most attractive city I’ve seen but it definitely was busy and had a lot to offer. Our hotel was only 15 minutes from the bus station and then it’s time for our final meal together as a group. The reality of saying goodbye to everyone just got very real. It’s a reality that creeps up on you and you don’t want to do. Post holiday depression setting in already – and we’re still on holiday! 

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